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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Keys To Success

This is from my upline in my Mia Bella business...she's very successful in this business!

She offers great advice in this article:

What does it take to make a business successful? What does it take
to make YOUR business successful?

Make no mistake: starting, growing and building a successful
business is possibly one of the hardest things you will ever take on.

But, make no mistake about this either: it is probably the most
exciting, challenging, personally satisfying and best decision you
can ever make. At least in your professional life. Setting your own
schedule, being your own boss, calling your own shots...there is
nothing like it.

These ten keys are the keys to your success. Follow these and you
will create the lifestyle and business of your dreams.

Belief - To have belief in your products or services and your
industry is essential. But most of all, it is your belief in
yourself that makes all the difference. You will achieve only what
you believe in.

Commitment - A commitment is your pledge to do whatever it takes to
get the job done - no matter what. When you are committed, you
persist. You don't quit.

Contribution - Always give more than you take. It will build your
business strong with integrity and good will, which in turn rewards
you with good profits.

Goals - Your goals are your objectives. They provide a direction for
your efforts and a way to measure your progress. You must have
clearly defined, written goals. It is imperative to your success.

Knowledge - Knowledge is power, or so it's said. But really,
knowledge in action is power. Continually gather knowledge in your
endeavor and put that knowledge to good use.

Partnership - You may be in business for yourself, but rarely by
yourself. Build strong relationships with those you partner with in
your business. Never burn a bridge and always cultivate win-win

Personal Growth - Most successful business people will tell you that
personal growth and development was essential to their success in
their business endeavors. Personal growth is a lifelong learning
process. Practice it every single day. No matter how much you think
you know, there's always more.

Take Action - Plan your work, work your plan. You must have a
business plan that incorporates SDA's - Single Daily Actions. You
must put first things first, prioritize and follow through.

Treat It Like A Business - There is no substitute for treating your
new endeavor like a business. Regardless of how much it cost you in
time or money to get started, you must treat it like a million dollar
business each and every day. Even if it's a part time business,
treat it with respect.

Vision - Vision is a mental picture of all the achievements you
aspire to and have yet to bring into being. It's the source of all
of your beliefs, expectations, motivations and actions. It's the key
to your future. Design the movie (vision) of your life and watch it

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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