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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Post 7

Mary Kay offers several types of foundation in a wide range of shades so you
can get the flawless look you want.

• Of course, foundation is the final step in any good skin care routine. It helps
protect your skin from the environment as it evens skin tone and covers
flaws for a healthy, glowing look.”

• Apply the foundation with your fingertips. You’re all using the Medium-
Coverage Foundation today. However, Mary Kay also offers Full-Coverage
Foundation, Creme-To-Powder Foundation and Dual-Coverage Powder
Foundation. You can use Dual-Coverage Powder Foundation either as a light
foundation or as a powder to set your look.

Here is foundation for oily skin:

Here is foundation for dry skin:

Here is foundation for both skin types. Glides on like a cream to hide imperfections, then dries to a powdery matte finish.

Here is foundation for both skin types. Gives sheer, natural coverage with an oil-free, lightweight formula.

This is tinted moistureizer. It works like a foundation and it gives you three fabulous benefits in one – sheer color, oil-free moisturization and UVA/UVB protection.

Post 6

Now I'm going to talk about the TimeWise®Age-Fighting Moisturizer. And like many Mary Kay® products, it comes in two formulas to meet the needs of your skin type. There’s also a moisturizer with SPF 15.”

• Now we all know that moisturizing the skin is important. But did you know that a lack of firmness is caused, in part, by the loss of moisture and the breakdown of collagen and elastin fibers, which are the building blocks of the skin’s structure?

• You can help prevent this moisture loss with TimeWise® Age-Fighting Moisturizer. This moisturizer gives you the combined action of 10 hours of hydration and our patented complex that accelerates your skin’s own natural renewal process for firmer, smoother, younger-looking skin. It’s also formulated with an exclusive dream humectant blend, plus powerful antioxidants that guard against free radicals to help
your skin look and feel smooth and radiant.

Miracle set results
83% had a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.
25% improvement in skin elasticity.
100% had softer, more supple skin.
46% improvement in more even skin tone.
With continued use of the Miracle Set, you can experience
results like these as seen by a dermatologist on panelists
in a 12-week clinical study.
Up to
TimeWise® age-fighting moisturizer

Here is the link for the moisturizers:

This one is for dry skin-

This one is for oily skin-

Here is for spf protection (very important) -


Next we will talk about the importance of your foundation!

***Note: This is for educational purposes for one my future customers and for two my current customers. This is not a form of advertisement. This is for my online friends and people that have questions about their skin and how to take care of it***

Post 5

Now let’s talk about wrinkles. I’m going to guess that none of us wants them.
Am I right?

Well, Mary Kay scientists have discovered the key to help diminish
the signs of aging with the TimeWise® Day and Night Solution duo. It delivers
our exclusive PronewalTM treatment for crucial protection during the day and
boosted renewal at night for healthier, younger-looking skin.

The second part of this duo is TimeWise® Night Solution. It optimizes the
skin’s renewal process to restore elasticity and firmness, which helps lines and
wrinkles fade away.

This remarkable solution counteracts daytime damage with botanical
and peptides. And these Nutribeads® micro capsules you see burst as you
dispense them to deliver fresh, highly effective antioxidants that are essential
for the renewal process.

Here is the day solution:


Here is the night solution:


Next we'll talk about why we need moisturization. Weather you have oily skin or dry skin you still need moisture!

***Note: This is for educational purposes for one my future customers and for two my current customers. This is not a form of advertisement. This is for my online friends and people that have questions about their skin and how to take care of it***

Post 4

Okay today I'm going to talk to you about cleaning your face day and night!

The great news about skin is that it is constantly regenerating itself. Today, we’ll be talking about the epidermis and the dermis. The epidermis slows the rate of moisture loss from the lower layer. It also contains pigment-producing cells that give skin its color and can contribute to an uneven skin tone. In a continual four-week cycle, living cells move from the bottom of the epidermis to the surface of the skin.

The dermis is the inner layer of skin. It’s composed of collagen and elastin
fibers that support the vital components of the skin. When this layer is
hydrated, the skin looks younger and more supple.

It only takes three minutes in the morning and evening to take care of your skin. You’ll see results in three days, three weeks and three months that you will love.”

So what are the benefits the Miracle Set delivers? Let’s start with the five
essential steps to ageless skin.
1. The Miracle Set cleanses to remove makeup and impurities.
2. It exfoliates to remove dead surface cells that dull the skin.
3. It freshens to tone the skin and refine pores.
4. It moisturizes to hydrate for soft, smooth skin.
5. And it protects the skin from sun and environmental damage.”

And that’s only the beginning. The Miracle Set delivers seven additional
functions and benefits to smooth, help reduce lines and wrinkles, firm,
soften, energize, rebuild and deliver a flawless finish. And, just think, you get
all these benefits in one set of products.

†As seen by dermatologists on panelists in a 12-week clinical study
83% had a reduction in fine lines
and wrinkles.†
25% improvement in skin elasticity.†
100% had softer, more supple skin.†
46% improvement in more even
skin tone.†

Now, let’s take a look at the Miracle Set in action. As layers of dead skin cells,
dirt and pollutants build up on your face daily, your skin’s radiance factor
drops way down! That’s why you’ll want to use TimeWise® 3-In-1 Cleanser
to cleanse, exfoliate and freshen. This removes the rough stuff that can
make your skin look dull and less healthy. And 3-In-1 Cleanser comes in
two formulas, one for normal to dry and one for combination to oily skin. It’s
also available in a cleansing bar.

You get the benefits of microbeads that gently exfoliate and botanical that tone. Plus, your skin gets the benefits of the exclusive TimeWise® patented complex. It speeds up the natural renewal process of the skin for smoother, more radiant, younger looking skin.

Here is where you go to see the 3 and 1 cleanser.
This one is for dry skin:


This one is for oily skin:


This is the soap bar:


Next we'll be looking at wrinkles!!

***Note: This is for educational purposes for one my future customers and for two my current customers. This is not a form of advertisement. This is for my online friends and people that have questions about their skin and how to take care of it***

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Post 3


I have been behind on my posting...So, I'm going to be making up for lost time!!

As I stated earlier I am going to suggest to you what you can do to cover and hide your rosesea.

First of all what you want to do is consult your doctor to make sure it's okay to use our products.

Our product guide suggested that we do this:

For information about these and other unique situations or to learn more about Mary Kay® products, you may contact the Mary Kay Consultant and Medical Relations Department at Mary Kay headquarters, (972) 687-5577, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central time or send written inquiries to CMR, Mary Kay Inc., P.O. Box 799045, Dallas, TX 75379- 9045. Detailed information about the Mary Kay® product line will be sent directly to her physician upon request.

When using our products it would be advisable to use the gentle cleansing. Why do you ask? This is simply because you don't want any flair ups on your skin! If you use certain types of cleansers it will mess your skin up...another words it will be too abrasive for your skin and it will cause further irritation! Of course that's something you don't wanna do!

Here is the link to what cleansers you should use:


Make sure you click on the section for dry skin!

Next will be your makeup...it is suggested that you use the yellow consealer to cover the rosesea.

Here is the link for the consealer:


Then use the appropriate foundation for your natural shade. Here is the link for the different shades of foundation:


That should cover your rosesea!!

Our next topic we will discuss the importance of cleansing your face everyday!

***Note: This is for educational purposes for one my future customers and for two my current customers. This is not a form of advertisement. This is for my online friends and people that have questions about their skin and how to take care of it***

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Post 2

Today is the first day of beauty tips!

Let's discuss your freckles!! Some people think they are cute, but you as a person probably can't stand them! Well I have the solution for you!

Here is the product:

Timewise Even Complexion Complex, it helps to even out skin tone. In other words it helps all those freckles to blend in together so that they won't stand out as much. (That's my understanding of it!).

Here is a brief explanation of how it is in our product definition:

TimeWise® Even Complexion Essence helps visibly correct skin’s imperfections by reducing the appearance of dark spots, freckles and uneven skin tone. Our exclusive, patent-pending, multifunctional Lucentrix™ complex works throughout the day to unveil brighter, more even-looking skin.

If you would like to see the video of what exactly is going on with your skin and the discoloration or your freckles go here:

TimeWise® Even Complexion Essence

Well that's it for now! Tomorrow I will talk to you about hiding your rosacea. Stay tuned!

***Note: This is for educational purposes for one my future customers and for two my current customers. This is not a form of advertisement. This is for my online friends and people that have questions about their skin and how to take care of it***

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New Challenge!

Click HERE to see why I'm taking this blogging challenge! It's the one on the bottom!

Today is the first day I will start bloggin! I'm so excited to do this and I need challenges to get bloggin!

Let's start off by talking about me today. I am a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, I enjoy working with women and showing them beauty tips! I have 2 beautiful girls and it is my goal to work from home and provide them with the things they need!

Please tell me the reasons why you have chosen to stay home with your children?

With all of the family turmoil that I have this provides me with the best stability and sanity that I can have.

Tomorrow I will be posting on my tips to help you with your skin care problems. If you have any skin care problems or any questions about how to apply your makeup or even any secrets you would like for me to reveal to you let me know and I can answer them for you.

Things I can help with:
Tired feet
And many more.....let me know what YOU need help with and I will answer your questions as much as possible!!

See you around!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Here is some information on tips for moms!!

Offers for Moms
Pampering Tips
Confidence Tips
Toddler Tips
Baby Tips

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I'm working from home!

I'm currently working from home! I have some information on my other website also...mainly some fun things I've been doing! Have fun with it!!!!

Here is my other website!